Additional Services

Services available ala carte upon request. We are InterNACHI certified to perform inspections outside the normal scope of home inspections.

Pool Inspection

We are InterNACHI certified to evaluate pools and their safety concerns such as fencing, gates, electrical system, pools and deck surfaces, and other potential safety hazards. We inspect the condition of pools, spas, pumps, filters, piping, heater, and controls. We also perform two water quality tests for pH, chlorine, bromine, total hardness, total alkalinity, and cyanuric acid.


Infrared Inspection

We conduct a full property infrared scan to verify moisture intrusion and how effective is the homes insulation. Infrared technology creates a picture based on temperature variations that come from moisture or insulation deficiencies


Sewer Scope

A sewer scope inspection is performed with a special water proof camera attached to a snake line. We are able to thoroughly inspect the properties sewer lines and plumbing to determine if the system is functioning as designed. We are able to inspect underground plumbing for cracks, penetration of tree roots, collapsed lines, clogs, and any other problems inside the sewer.